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$1.00 from every 12 pack or higher of KCups sold of the Alfie Blend will be donated to the American Humane Organization.

The Alfie Blend is dedicated to the memory of our dear Schnauzer, Alfred. My wife and he were inseparable, since the time she got him as a pup. He's been there, by her side, through the good times and to see her through the bad times; he always managed to lift her spirits up and knew she could lift his up as well. An unspeakable and admirable bond these two had....and still have in spirit. To me, he will always be one of the most unique canines I have ever had the pleasure to know. He didn't warm up to me right away but a humorous and loving relationship developed. However, it would never rival the one he shared with my wife; and that's how it should be.

In honor of Alfred, $1.00 from every 12 pack or higher of KCups sold of the Alfie Blend will go to the American Humane Organization - ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals.

Alfie Blend is rich, earthy, full-bodied coffee with a low acidity level. A coffee that will see you through the good times and the tough times!

It contains delicious beans of Indonesian Origin
Roast: A balance of Vienna and French Roast

Also available in 8oz Bags of Whole Bean or Grind type: Coarse, Medium or Fine

KCup Alfie Blend