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The Hold The Line blend was created for the incredible non-profit organization: Frontline Strong - One Community, One Mission. The mission of this blend is to give support to this non-profit so they can continue to strengthen our communities by helping, not only our warriors and heroes, but their families; their backbone of support!


Coffee Details: Latin American origin, Vienna and French Roasted with notes of: light smokey, nutty roast, low acidity, smooth finish.


Frontline Strong's Mission

Frontline Strong's mission is to serve those who make selfless service their life's work. Our goal is to decrease the impact of trauma on the lives of first responders, frontline healthcare workers, veterans, and their their families through access to free counseling services with therapists and social workers with a passion for working with those on the frontline. 


Frontline Strong also strives to end the stigma of trauma and mental illnesses through authentic conversations with those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others through our engaging podcast : Frontline Strong Podcast. Through education and awareness we will build one community with the single mission to support and heal each other.

Hold The Line Blend - Frontline Strong

PriceFrom $10.50
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