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I want to, first, thank you for your time! I know how valuable time is and how busy, one can get. So, the fact that you have read this far, is not taken lightly! As this app progresses, we encourage you to leave any type of feedback for all to see! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!! I know there’s good to great coffee, everywhere. So, the more I know how you feel about our Java (in all aspects), the more I can understand where my failures are occurring and correct them; so Boom City Coffee can continue its A Cup for A Cause commitment!

Secondly, and lastly, give a shout to those people you find making a positive impact in the world! Especially, shout them out on social media; the world needs more positivity; it’s easy to point out the negatives, the faults. Let’s make coming together, contagious!

Best Wishes,


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