Did You See the Size of Those Wings?!

If you follow us on on Instagram (@boomcitycoffee), recently, you might have seen our jubilation on the current partnership we have with K9s United (k9sunited.org @K9sunited). I'll do a quick backstory, with the hopes of not consuming too much of your time!

Our friend, Chris (@altamarine - Instagram) asked if we would be willing to thrown in some coffee for his friend's, Sgt. Cade of the West Point PD, in Mississippi, giveaway. He explained, they need a new patrol vehicle as the department didn't have the budget. We reached out to Sgt. Cade and asked what we could provide to help with the giveaway. From there, it just snowballed, as we learned more and more the dire situation, Sgt. Cade and his K9, K9 Kenzo, were really in. Basically, an old vehicle not suitable to be a K9 unit, as well as, breaking down, jeopardizing, not only their community, but the officer's lives!

We were referred to K9s United once we learned how to get involved more. We spoke with the founder Debra Johnson, this was beginning of November. Her non-profit organization, had a campaign for the officers (started in Oct) which we partnered with to spread the word and donate a portion of our proceeds for the month of November, to help reach the goal of about $35k to get a completed outfitted, and new ride, for K9 accommodation. At the time, only about $6K had been raised by very generous citizens. My heart sank as I felt this would be quite a task, given the nature of our small business, that is still being built, as far as branding and our "reach" is that of T-Rex (ha!).....but we were in.

We quickly realized the concern and love for the two officers was resonating through the US and Canada. Many whom had donated, also purchased coffee (or shared our post) to benefit the officers, in need. We became fast friends with many and our hearts were so moved by the growing numbers coming together as a community, to display a moving display of humanity. Meanwhile, the officers continued to endure the enormous struggle of not being able to serve their community, and even worse, breaking down on the side of the road, on their way to calls. Their Instagram posts showed their pain of not being able to serve, yet they remained every so grateful for all involved.

November ended, and we were to donate a portion of our sales for November and move on to the next cause. We donated the portion, but couldn't move on.....not now....we had to see this through. So, we announced our A Cup for a Cause commitment would continue through December. In the back of our minds, at that time, we knew, we would stick this out to the end, no matter how many months.....we dug in.

It's mind boggling how this happens to our men and women of the badge. So many are struggling with having the proper equipment; top that with the physical and mental struggle of the affects of the job, of which only one can imagine. And again, more posts, more often, of K9 Kenzo and Sgt. Cade's vehicle breaking down....

Then it happened. K9s United founder, Debra Johnson's, relentless efforts, had reached another concerned donor. However, this one, would be a matching donor, Setina Manufacturing. They agreed to match donations, at this time, it was about $15k (raised by many, amazing, caring, individuals, many, who donated more than once, and are nowhere near the community which the officers served, beautiful). That would put the campaign only about $6k shy of the goal! Everyone, was moved to tears!!! But none more than the officers.....and in less than 24 hours, Debra Johnson would go live, to announce the goal was not only met, but exceeded.

K9s United founder, Debra Johnson, made this possible. Her concern, passion, determination and relentlessness, is staggering, if not only, inspirational! To top it off, she works a full-time job and is a full-time mother and wife. I can't even find time, nor the energy, to come my hair at times..... Debra Johnson, Setina Manufacturing, and the countless, caring, individuals.......a community of humans, an auspicious display of humanity, made this happen. A coming together of humans. So, I ask you, did you see the size of those wings on that angel?

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,


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