We appreciate all the organizations that have allowed us to play a small part, in their significant impact to our communities. All of them, will hold a special place in our hearts, forever! If you have time, please check them out:


Project K9 Hero

Protecting our K9 heroes, in retirement!


K9s 4 Cops

Building a safer future by placing k9s in our communities and schools!

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K9s United

An amazing organization, whose focus is to protect and serve K9s who protect and serve!

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PTSD Foundation of America

With Camp Hope for our veterans who are battling PTSD, this organization is doing amazing work to help our veterans and first responders, heal from PTSD


1st Responders PTSD Connection

FRPC is owned & operated by Active & Retired Law Enforcement, 1st Responders and those living with PTSD. We’re building a place where those suffering with PTSD can actually get the help they need. Sometimes it’s as simple as a shoulder to lean on and knowing you’re not alone.

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Who Else Can We Help?

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Walking Point - Film

A fantastic, moving, short-film based of the novel by multi-award winner, RJ Nevens Jr.!

"A marine is always faithful. So is man's best friend."

Excited to be a part of this, upcoming,


Helping our brave men and women of the military, first responders and their families, kick PTSD, through knife and jewelry making!




San Antonio Police Officers Association! Our hometown heroes! We salute you! As well as all, men and women of the badge, everywhere!

_shecasacrashpad - Female veteran, owner

She Casa Crashpad

For those brave women, and men, on TDY, check out She Casa Crashpad! Serving Boom City Coffee, in luxury!

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WLS Foundation

WLS Foundation is helping our military men and woman fight the battle that awaits them, upon returning home, due to seeing first hand devastating trauma.

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