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Boom City Coffee

Boom City Coffee has a commitment called: A Cup for A Cause. Basically, we not only want our coffee to taste good, we want it to do good! A Cup for a Cause means a portion of our proceeds will go to invaluable causes that set out to make this world a better place. Causes such as: the WLS Foundation ( created by veterans which help our men and women of the military heal and recover from various traumas upon returning home; or, the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization. While we may seem like a simple small business on the outside, we have big expectations for our coffee that goes beyond it's amazing Single Origin Coffee or delicious coffee blends!

At Boom City Coffee, we want to bring back the focus on the beautiful coffee bean; the source of the fuel that puts us into savage mode to conquer the day! We want to provide you with a quality bean sourced from local roasters which will bring the specialty coffee genre to your: kitchen, office, outing or whereever you are prone to enjoy your cup of morning awesomeness!

But our mission doesn't end there; at Boom City Coffee we are also committed to supporting local and state-wide roasters whom have a like-minded commitment. We believe in supporting local and state-wide roasters to supply our product and strengthen the local commerce which in turns benefits the community. You will see on your coffee selection what city this coffee was roasted in. Our partnered roasters, roast the beans on a daily or weekly basis which allows us to get the coffee to you in a fresh manner. Our selection of roasters will be limited as we want to keep our focus on quality, freshness and selection without an overwhelming feeling of what to choose.

PSpice Beans_edited.jpg

So there you have it; simple. Our focus is: a quality coffee bean, a great cause and supporting our community. We have plans for a fantastic program to launch in the near future which, we hope, will spread good-will as far as possible! In the meantime, please spread the word about Boom City Coffee if you liked what you read and sign-up for our mailing list as we will have exclusive give-a-ways and discounts to members on the mailing list along with news about upcoming: coffees, products, community events we will be participating in as well as the all important organization we will be focusing on for the month; A Cup for a Cause.

Best Wishes,

Boom City Coffee

A Cup for a Cause


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @boomcitycoffee

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