Single Origin Coffees

Amazing Single Origin Coffees from Honduras, Colombia and Peru, just to name a few; Texas roasted too!

Loose Leaf Tea

Our loose leaf tea selection, is just getting started! Check back often for new selections or send a request, if you'd like us to carry a specific tea!


Delicious blends to satisfy any coffee lover. Check back often for new additions!

KCups - Made to Order

Level up your KCups with our made to order KCups! We grind the coffee and hand pack each KCup just before shipping. Our KCups contain more grams of coffee than your average store KCups resulting in BIG, fresh, flavor!

K9 Mamas
Helping serve those whoserve and protect us!

The K9 Mamas formed in late 2019 after realizing how great the need is to protect those that protect us. Many K9 teams throughout the country go without essential equipment due to budget constraints.
Many other K9 teams self-fund their K9 partner and will go without needed equipment for themselves. 
Some of the items the K9 Mamas provide are protective eye wear, protective footwear, harnesses, leads, training aides and CombatBet Challenge Coins. We also assist K9 teams with fundraising to assist with the cost of attending training seminars. If you are aware of a K9 team in need  please contact us or use the donation tab below to donate through Blue Line K9 Project.

K9 Mamas
Helping serve those whoserve and protect us!

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