Single Origin Coffees

Amazing Single Origin Coffees from Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rican, just to name a few; Texas roasted too!

Flavored Coffee

From the irresistible Mexican Chocolate Coffee to the aromatic Texas Pecan, find your favorite flavor here!

Made to Order

Tea Bags

Our loose leaf tea selection includes: an Oolong Tea - Iron Goddess, a flavored tea - Apple Crumble and a non-caffeinated herbal Rooibos tea - Coconut Chai! Check back often for new selections or send a request, if you'd like us to carry a specific tea!

Dark - French Roasted Coffees

Two of our Single Origin Coffees, now in a dark, French Roast! The savory flavors of the Guatemalan taken to new levels and the astonishing Peruvian - Cafe de Mujer Aproccurma!

Decaf Coffee

Get our popular Texas Blend, now in Decaf!

Herbal Teas


Caffeine-free, herbal teas! Soothing, relaxing, ready to help you unwind after a long day or night! Coconut Chai or a floral Herbal Bloom!


Delicious blends to satisfy any coffee lover. Texas Blend, Breakfast Blend and our bold Fighter Blend!

KCups - Limited Supplies!

Level up your KCups with our made to order KCups! We grind the coffee and hand pack each KCup just before shipping. Our KCups contain more grams of coffee than your average store KCups resulting in BIG, fresh, flavor!

A Portion Of Our September & October

Will Be Donated To:

1st Responders PTSD Connection


Please note: The following is taken from the website:

Welcome to 1st Responders PTSD Connection PTSD.Help. Welcome to The Beginning; Your Beginning.

Our vision for FRPC creates a place where those suffering from PTSD can get the help they need. It will become a place where, together, first responders can learn to live and fight PTSD and the other unique mental health disorders that are not uncommon to those who serve and protect our communities.  That help comes in many forms: a shoulder to lean on, a first responder who understands what you have gone through, and the comfort and support of knowing you’re not alone.


We are 501(c)3 non-profit organization as of March 2020.  Our goal is to assist all 1st Responders who are struggling with PTSD. This includes ANY 1st Responder who wore, or is currently, wearing a badge or has sworn an oath to serve his or her community and is suffering a mental health emergency.  Our hope is to give them the assistance and, find the backup needed for each first responder to not only survive but to get his or her identity back. It is a journey of one day at a time, that we hope to share, until they can “walk” again as they did the day they swore that Oath to Serve.


FRPC’s ultimate goals include  one day opening a location here in SW Florida. A physical place where first responders in need can come to gain stability, confidence, and understanding.  A place where each responder can begin planning a course of action for the future that includes backup from volunteers who know the walk, not just hired hands.


FRPC is a group of 1st Responders who understand the complexities of PTSD, the battles it brings at work and at home, and what we face when seeking help.  Not only do we hope to see FRPC thrive, we would love for you to be a part of this venture. One thing we have learned is that it takes a Family as big as ours to heal. By joining us, you could help save a life.

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