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A Cup for A Cause

As of April, we have established a recurring donation to Cloud Covered Streets - an amazing non-profit organization, from the creator of Paper Clouds Apparel, helping to get homeless individuals back on their feet. Here's a little bit about what they are doing, taken from their website:

"We understand that homelessness is an issue all over the United States and we want our trailer in every city where there is a need. Thank you all for learning about Cloud Covered Streets and we hope to hear from you, have you volunteer at a trailer, or maybe even lead up a street team. Thank you for your support. Without your time and donations, none of this would be possible. Have a beautiful day."

Here at Boom City Coffee, we know homelessness can affect people from all walks of life, even our veterans. Since the pandemic started, many more have been impacted and we hope to help make a difference. We'll announce another recurring donation to another organization that will assist our veterans/first responders, in addition to the above organization.

Best Wishes to All!


Boom City Coffee

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