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A Cup for A Cause commitment for November, benefiting K9 Kenzo and Sgt. Cade of the West Point PD:

The following is from K9sunited.org:

For those of you who don't know, K9 Kenzo and his handler Sgt. Arnie Cade, both of the West Point Police Department in West Point, MS, are having major mechanical issues with their patrol vehicle. Breakdowns have plagued them for two years. The early 2000’s model Crown Vic is not properly equipped with a K9 Kennel or Heat Alarm - both vital pieces of equipment that keep the K9 safe inside of the vehicle. The Crown Vic has been in and out of the shop multiple times. Problems include the engine shutting off while driving, over-heating, air conditioner failure, and critical electrical malfunctions (such as the windshield wipers failing intermittently and sparks shooting from the wiring underneath the vehicle when the emergency blue lights are activated).

The imminent threat is the vehicle overheating again or even catching fire - with K9 Kenzo or Sgt. Cade inside, the result could be tragic. K9 Kenzo and Sgt. Cade strive for perfection every single day, but recognize that there is always room for improvement. Having an operable, fully-equipped vehicle would go a long way towards making the community safer.


Unfortunately, due to budget constraints resulting in lack of available funding, the West Point Police Department has no means to replace the patrol vehicle. All attempts thus far to obtain outside financial backing, either through grants or fundraising, have fallen short.

K9s United has agreed to help the West Point Police Department raise the $35,000 needed for a fully-equipped Ford Explorer, stocked with a K9 Kennel and Heat Alarm to ensure K9 Kenzo’s well-being.

Will you help us help these heroes?

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